Brian Cavanagh

Rossman Legal is proud to announce that Brian Cavanagh is now "Of Counsel" to the Firm. Brian is well known and well respected in both the legal community and in the Broward County community overall. He served in the Broward State Attorney's Office for 38 years. He worked in the Homicide Unit for 27 years, the last 10 as the Chief of the Unit. He assisted law enforcement with tremendous distinction throughout his time in the SAO. Now, he brings his genius and wisdom to Rossman Legal. We could not be more proud.

Brian will assist the Firm by offering counsel to the Law Enforcement clients served by the Firm. Several Police Departments contract with Rossman Legal. Rossman Legal advises police agencies in all "operational aspects" of police work. Brian has previously consulted with the Firm on many of these issues and we are proud to further strengthen his relationship.

On a more personal level, Brian has been a Mentor and Role Model for me throughout my career. He has always offered honest, intelligent advice and great wisdom to me and I am thankful to have him by my side once again.

Please welcome Brian to the Rossman Legal family.